Dragon Character Training


Main Screen Screenshot Dragon Character Training is a small program that helps you learn to write Chinese characters (currently Mandarin - see bottom of page if you are interested in helping us add support for Cantonese, Korean, etc.). It does this using three different games, each of which is design to reinforce your knowledge of Chinese characters and vocabulary in a different way. Each of the games is based on the same database of characters/words and their meanings. Each game can be played at any level, where each level consists of 20 words. In each round you are encouraged to say the Chinese word aloud. Basically, I made this software so I could use the two hours per day I spend in a train between home and work to annoy other passengers by making strange noises.


To install the executable and run the game you need a PalmOS device running PalmOS 3.0 or later (it might work with earlier versions, but I'm not sure). It supports low density (160x160) and high density (320x320) screens (this is new in release 0.3). If you want to compile from sources, or modify the source code, you need "prc-tools" (the GCC toolchain for PalmOS), and PilRC. If you want to edit the dataset, see below. Otherwise, to install the program, simply install the dragon PRC file and at least one PDB file.

Artist wanted

We need some new graphics for the welcome screen and results screens. We need colour 320x320 versions and black and white 160x160 versions. If you can help, I'd love to hear from you!