Dragon Character Training :: Anti-Aliasing

Note concerning antialiasing

There is an experimental antialiased version shown in some screenshots here which was released in the 0.2 release - it is not fast enough for real use yet so in the 0.3 release it has been put on ice - it's still there in the CVS however and will come back when either we or Moore's law can make it go at an acceptable speed.

dragon-aa.prc versus dragon.prc

A brief rant on aesthetics: libart is a triumph of library design. It it written in pure C, has no OS or library dependencies, is (therefore) highly portable, is small, does one particular job extremely well, and has a simple and clean interface. Rock on Art of Code software. Porting it to PalmOS consisted mostly of sorting out the segmentation issues (PalmOS specific problems related to the size of code blocks and 16-bit relative branches). It should be feasible to make this into a PalmOS shared library. For the moment it is linked into the .prc, and some space could probably be saved by leaving out some unused bits of it.