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If you would like to create your own datasets, or would like to contribute to the dataset distributed with the application, you will need the character editor. It is a simple AWT java application I've knocked together for editing characters using line segments and bezier curves, which draws the character in the background with a common font.

Before you are going to digitize new characters we would like to ask you to take a look at the very few simple rules for digitizing Chinese characters. These rules help us to maintain consistent stroke ordering for the database data and also give some background information. Also, we have a first (albeit very rough) overview about basic and derived strokes.

The character editor, data files and associated tools are available in the project CVS as dragon-data, and are gradually evolving as people fix/improve parts of it. The first thing to do to get involved is to check out the code, and get on the project mailing list (very low volume).

Character editor

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If you have any suggestions, ideas, bug reports, bug fixes or patches, I'm all ears, check out the mailing list.

Thomas Munro <munro at ip9 dot org> (see my software page)