Dragon Character Training :: Games

Game I: English to Chinese

In this game you are shown an English word and the pinyin for the Chinese word, and you must choose the characters that correspond. Sometimes the number of syllables gives you a clue. If you get it wrong, the correct answer will flash. A round consists of twenty questions and you get a score, out of 100%. Note that the pinyin uses numbers to represent tones rather than the usual accents because PalmOS doesn't support the characters necessary to draw them.

Screenshots of Game I

Game II: Chinese to English

This game is the opposite of game I - you see the Chinese characters and have to choose the English and pinyin that correspond. Again, a round is twenty such questions and you get a score out of 100%.

Screenshots of Game II

Game III: Written Chinese

This is the most challenging game - you are show the English and pinyin and must draw the Chinese character(s) that correspond with the stylus. Each time you draw a stroke, it will "pop" into place if it is correct, or vanish if it is wrong. You must draw the strokes in the correct order. If you cannot remember which stroke comes next, you can ask for a hint (the correct stroke will flash on the screen) at a small cost to your score, and if you want to give up and move onto the next one you can. Trying to "find" the next stroke by trial and error incurs no penalty and is encouraged. Again, a round consists of twenty questions, and a score is given out of 100%.

Screenshots of Game III

Results Screens

Results screen for all three games